Startup from Slovakia wants to compete with MegaChat review

The need of higher protection of the privacy on the Internet is undoubtedly an important and actual topic with regards to the plenty of eavesdropping scandals and the leakages of private and confidential information. For example, it was confirmed by the European commission that we cannot speak about the privacy on Facebook at all, so the European commission recommends to its citizens to cancel their profiles on Facebook. Skype from Microsoft as one of the most used communicative service enabled to American secret services direct access to the users’ data according to WikiLeaks.

The similar opinion is held by the non-profit organization Electronic Frontier Foundation, which have recently compared the security of the most popular communicative services. Skype, Facebook chat, Hangouts, Viber, WhatsApp, Snap Chat and similar popular application failed completely. The logic consequence of the situation is that ordinary users of the Internet are searching for safer ways of communication as well. As the reaction on this social demand, few new services originated abroad and the services offer a variety of ciphered communication and data transfer.

Our project, is the Slovak alternative which offers comparable security, easier usage, more advanced communicative functions; moreover, it offers a higher degree of anonymity. Animalous is an anonymous and secured application for communication via the Internet. Besides, the typical sending of text messages, Animalous enables the sending of files and the novelties such as audio class and video calls.

We started to develop the application approximately in 2011. At the beginning, the development of Animalous was solely the responsibility of one man, but now the development is ensured by a team of 6 people. We mainly put emphasis on the maximum degree of security and the simplicity of usage.

It is not necessary to install Animalous and its usage does not require registration. Our users simply visit the webpage: and immediately communicate with whom they want and about what they want without being snooped. Communication is directly ciphered in theirs computers, tablets or mobile phones, so not only we as the service’s operators can decipher it. Moreover, we do not save the content of communication or any information about users on our servers. From the security reasons, the application does not allow to store contacts. If we were contacted by any authorities with a request for information, we would not have anything to give them. Animalous can be used by the Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

Remarkableness of Animalous is that the application runs on the servers located in a former nuclear bunker with the highest level of security and the bunker is located in Sweden. Swedish legislation does not allow submission of any data to other authorities than Swedish, but only in a limited extent. The famous WikiLeaks was saved on the identical servers and WikiLeaks’s legacy can be found in our application.

More information about security solutions and used technologies can be found on our website:

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